Collection: Birthday outfit

The perfect birthday starts with a unique shirt. Start the most beautiful day perfectly for your darling.

Design a unique birthday shirt - all shirts can now be personalized.

The little ones in particular proudly wear their age on their chests, because every birthday means that another year has passed. Celebrate this special day with your child and make it unforgettable - with an individual birthday shirt. Because that makes it very clear who is celebrating a birthday today, how old the birthday child will be and who is setting the tone today. The shirt reveals the magic number and makes the little wearer proud and happy.

We work with Partners in Germany together, whose quality is important to us for your satisfaction. You will experience a unique product thanks to short delivery times fast is with you.

The motif is printed with a DTG printing machine from Kornit (she
hardly needs water) and the colors are, also from Kornit,
NeoPigment inks are biodegradable and therefore very
are environmentally friendly. The colors are also vegan and free from
Toxins and thus comply with the strictest, globally recognized industry standards.